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What's New: Virtual Mobile Banking

At ManiXchange, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Stay up-to-date on our latest financial and economic market news right here. If for any reason you feel that your expectations were not met please let us know, as we work and perform better from your comments and contributions. Customers comments, complaints, suggestions and recommendations are the engine oil of this business as we strive to thrive in this fast paced business.

Time is money

We have changed our business hours to serve you better, to suit and meet your needs, because your financial concern is the heart of our business back bone. We are now open 24/7, 365 days as long as you are connected to the internet or wifi and have a PC smart/mobile phone. Whether you are travelling by train, bus, plane, watching or playing sports, while sleeping, or joy walking, at work,church,temple,mosque, school,anyplace, anytime,anydevice,anyone, you can send and receive money, borderless,from your one online virtual stop.